Jihadist preachers in Italy: three generations compared

24 February 2021

The influence of both jihadist ideologists and preachers on the international extremist scene is well known. However, to date, there are few analyses available on these figures. Alessandro Boncio’s research - inspired by the publication of the report “Understanding Jihadist Radicalisation. The case of Italy” (EFD-NOMOS 2019) - proposes an analysis of the influence that Mullah Krekar, Bilal Bosnic, and Halili el Madhi have had on the Italian extremist scene; three jihadist preachers, all coming from different generations and ethnocultural backgrounds. The evidence collected shows how some prominent figures of jihadist extremism, active in Italy, have been able to radicalise and recruit dozens of young people for the cause. The analysis also aims to highlight the common characteristics and peculiarities of every ‘bad teacher’, in order to evaluate possible counter-narratives scenarios and mitigation activities of the phenomenon of jihadist extremism.

This publication is in Italian and can be read here.