Understanding Jihadist Radicalisation. The case of Italy

30 September 2020

With the study "Understanding Jihadist Radicalisation. The case of Italy”, the European Foundation for Democracy contributed to fill a significant research gap in understanding the phenomenon of radicalisation in Italy.

A first of its kind in the Italian landscape, the study provides a detailed analysis of the profiles of 54 individuals against whom the Italian judiciary launched criminal proceedings for crimes related to jihadist terrorism in Italy between 2004 and 2018. It was conducted by the experts of the European Foundation for Democracy: Francesco Farinelli, Francesco Bergoglio Errico, Anna Maria Cossiga and Enrico Colarossi.

The report was officially presented to the public on 28th November 2019, in cooperation with NOMOS Centro Studi Parlamentari, at a high-level event held in the Library of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament. It was attended by a large number of experts, policy makers, law enforcement and media representatives (view summary of the event in English). The completion of the research project further marks the deepening and expansion of cooperation between the European Foundation for Democracy and Italian authorities in activities related to the understanding and prevention of radicalisation and the ideologies that drive such processes.

The full original study "Comprendere la radicalizzazione jihadista. Il caso Italia" written in Italian can be purchased via Apple Store, Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Librerie, StreetLib Store.

Note! There is currently an ongoing project linked to this study. To find out more click here.