Press Releases

Press Release 03 March 2017

A Practitioner’s Guide on Preventing Radicalisation in Schools

In many EU member states, teachers are increasingly facing challenges of integrating students from different cultural backgrounds. Discussions on issues such as patriarchal structures and traditions, orthodox Islam, Islamism and Salafism are often emotionally charged and can easily overwhelm educators. Teachers wonder: How can I engage my students in a discussion about sensitive topics they care about, such as the war in Syria or the conflict be...
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Press Release 26 July 2016

Statement by Elham Manea

Statement by Elham Manea, Senior Fellow, European Foundation for Democracy and Associate Professor of Middle East Studies at Zurich University regarding the UK government’s review of Sharia law in England and Wales. Elham Manea was to testify in London on Wednesday 27th July to the Independent Review into the application of Sharia Law in England and Wales. With regret and after much consideration she decided not to provide evidence to the Shar...
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Press Release 25 May 2016

Making sense of foreign policy in the “new” Turkey

The European Policy Centre (EPC) held an event to discuss Turkey's foreign policy; EFD Senior Policy Advisor Dr. Demir Murat Seyrek was one of the main speakers....
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Press Release 03 April 2015

Garissa University (Kenya) students have been killed by the indifference of the West

“The deafening silence of intellectuals, universities, professors and scholars about the Garissa University College massacre fills us with dismay” Alberto Gambino, Director of the Department of Human Sciences at the European University of Rome and Valentina Colombo, Professor of Culture and Geopolitics of Islam and Senior Fellow at Brussels-based European Foundation for Democracy say in a press release issued on the 3rd April 2015....
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Press Release 04 February 2014

EFD is disseminating a ‘Guide to Refuting Jihadism’

As part of our longstanding efforts to support European Muslims who are countering radical Islam, EFD is disseminating A Guide to Refuting Jihadism within Muslim communities in Britain and Europe. The guide presents scripturally sound theological arguments that contradict core tenets of jihadist beliefs....
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Press Release 09 March 2011

EFD Senior Fellow, Valentina Colombo, appointed as Islam expert to Italian Islam Committee and PRISNET programme

EFD Senior Fellow and Islamic Studies expert, Valentina Colombo, has recently been appointed as a member of the consultative body "Comitato per l'Islam Italiano" (Italian Islam Committee), reporting to Italy's Interior Ministry. Valentina has also recently become a member of the EU-funded "PRISNET" programme, assisting European and Balkan governments in addressing the challenge of radicalisation in prisons....
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Press Release 10 June 2010

French audiovisual authorities ban broadcasts of Al-Aqsa TV

The European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) and the Coalition Against Terrorist Media (CATM) wholeheartedly applaud the decision by France's High Audiovisual Council (CSA) ordering Eutelsat to desist immediately from broadcasting Al-Aqsa TV's violent and hate-filled television programmes that incite hatred on grounds of race, sex, religion or nationality. This decision comes immediately after the European Commission issued a formal warning to...
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Press Release 09 June 2010

EFD Praises European Commission’s Warning to France on Al-Aqsa TV

The European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) and the Coalition Against Terrorist Media (CATM) today praised the European Commission for issuing a formal warning to France requesting its High Audiovisual Council (CSA) to enforce European audiovisual legislation and to cease broadcasting Al-Aqsa TV. The French Foreign Ministry said that the "European Commission has recorded repeated violations of European legislation resulting from the content of...
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Press Release 24 November 2008

Germany bans Hezbollah’s Al- Manar TV

European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) Applauds Germany's Ban of Hezbollah's Al- Manar TV Ban order says Al-Manar supports, advocates and calls for the use of violence Brussels, 24 November 2008. The European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) applauds the German Federal Ministry of the Interior for issuing a German-wide ban of the operations of Al-Manar TV, the satellite channel of the Iranian-funded terrorist organization, Hezbollah. "...
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