Broadcast 14 July 2014

Interview with EFD’s Lorenzo Vidino on European Foreign Fighters

In an interview with Radio 24, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino explains the phenomenon of European foreign fighters, what motivates young Europeans to fight in Syria and the extent of the threat of jihadism in Italy....
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Broadcast 30 June 2014

“A Romanticised Battle”: Interview with psychologist Ahmad Mansour

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is interviewed for German television’s nano programme on the appeal of radical Islam and of the civil war in Syria....
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Broadcast 11 June 2014

Jihadism in Mali and West Africa

EFD Senior Policy Advisor Magnus Norell is interviewed by Frivärld on the topic of Jihadism in West Africa. Jihadism began in northern Mali shortly after the war in Libya, but has quickly spread to neighbouring countries....
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Broadcast 04 June 2014

Earning their respect: workshops for teachers

German radio station Deutschlandfunk features a report on EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour’s work with the Heroes project in Berlin to support teachers who face the challenges of cultural diversity in their classrooms....
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Broadcast 02 June 2014

The Heroes project: offering support in the culturally diverse classroom

German radio station SWR2 features a report on Ahmad Mansour's work with the Heroes project in Berlin to support teachers who face the challenges of cultural diversity in their classrooms. Ahmad also calls for new teaching methods which can accommodate this diversity....
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Broadcast 01 June 2014

Why are young Germans drawn to jihad?

Journalist Elizabeth Veh from Germany’s Bayerischer Runkfunk asks the question: why are young Germans drawn to jihad? She turns to EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour to find out more. During the discussion, Ahmad demonstrates how easily youths can arrive at extremist content online, and explains why this content, and the Salafist groups which promote it, can be appealing....
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Broadcast 16 April 2014

For Boko Haram, an educated woman poses a threat

Valentina Colombo is interviewed on Italy's Radio Vaticana about the Islamic fundamentalist group Boko Haram, and ther possible motives for kidnapping female students in Nigeria....
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Broadcast 13 April 2014

Democratic, free, pleasing to God: Is there such a thing as modern Islam?

EFD's Ahmad Mansour appears on German talkshow West ART Talk to debate whether Islam is compatible with modern German society....
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Broadcast 11 April 2014

Renewed pro-Morsi protests in Egypt. The analyst: The Muslim Brotherhood has two sides

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo speaks on Radio Vaticana about rising tensions in Egypt and presents a profile of the Muslim Brotherhood....
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Broadcast 09 April 2014

The fatal consequences of a poor upbringing

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour speaks to Germany's Deutschlandradio Kultur about how we can deal with violence in immigrant communities.The interview follows an open letter from German police woman,Tania Kambouri, who has spoken out against the aggression and lack of respect she frequently experiences from individuals in these communities....
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Broadcast 24 March 2014

Radicalisation and the appeal of the conflict in Syria

“ mainly because I was looking for the same things which many young people in Germany are also looking for: some sort of meaning, happiness, recognition. And the Salafists offer all of these things.”...
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Broadcast 23 March 2014

Between dialogue and exclusion: the debate about the German Islam Conference

A critical look at the role and influence of the German Islam Conference, a body which seeks to enable productive dialogue between the German state and representatives of the Muslim community....
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Broadcast 22 February 2014

Morocco’s role in shaping Islam in Africa

  Senior Fellow Bakary Sambe commented on Morocco's recent activities to become a leading religious influence in Africa. The Kingdom has just signed an agreement to train 500 imams in Mali, and King Mohamed VI's upcoming official visit to Equatorial Guinee is likely to result in a similar arrangement. Bakary's recent monograph, 'Islam and Diplomacy. Morocco's Foreign Policy in Africa," examines these issues in more depth. The interview in...
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Broadcast 28 October 2013

Anti-Semitism today: How hostile is Germany toward Jews?

This public television documentary marks a major milestone in Ahmad Mansour's efforts to raise awareness of anti-Semitism in Germany today....
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Broadcast 02 September 2013

Morsi goes on trial

On Sunday Egypt's ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi was referred to trial on charges of inciting the killing of opponents while in office, the state news agency said. What kind of trial could that be and what implications could it have? We are discussing these issues with Dr. Mustapha Kamel Al Sayyid, Professor of political science and Director of the Center for Developing Countries Studies at Cairo University, and Valentina Colombo,...
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Broadcast 14 August 2013

The desire to think for themselves

EFD Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour talks to Almut Engelien from the radio talk show "Tischgesprach" on the German radio station WDR 5. Mansour discusses his life growing up as an Israeli Arab and his time spent as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. At the University of Tel Aviv, Mansour says it was here that he discovered the importance of critical thinking and began to change his ideas towards Jews. Today Mansour works as a psychologist in Berl...
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Broadcast 14 August 2013

Why do some young Muslims become radicalised?

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is interviewed on the German radio show "Country time" broadcast on the national station Deutschlandradio. Mansour is joined by a panel of experts to discuss the growth of Salafism in North Rhine-Westphalia. There are active social networks for young men to preach Islam and work towards the goal of creating an Islamic state. The panellists discuss what is the fascination for young people towards radical Isl...
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Broadcast 06 August 2013

Al Qaeda at the time of DataGate

Broadcaster Giampaolo Musumeci from Italy's national radio station Radio 24 talks to EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino about the information released by Edward Snowden on al-Qaeda's efforts to identify weaknesses in US drone technology. Musumeci asks about the political ramifications for the US government and what is Vidino's opinion on the nature of the threat. The recording is only available in Italian....
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Broadcast 04 August 2013

A conversation with Ahmad Mansour

EFD Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour is interviewed on Germany's NDR radio show "Der Talk" about his background growing up in an Arab town in Israel and his time spent in a fundamentalist Muslim group before attending university where he overcame his prejudices against Jews....
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Broadcast 24 July 2013

The Interview: Lorenzo Vidino

International news channel France 24 talks to EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino about the political situation in Egypt following the removal of President Mohamed Morsi....
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Broadcast 10 July 2013

Ramadan: Fasting in times of crisis

The festival of Ramadan is an important occasion for Muslims to fast and devote time to their loved ones, yet this year's festival will be very different, according to EFD Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour, as many countries across the Middle East are in the grip of civil strife and in the case of Syria, hundreds of families have been torn apart by conflict....
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Broadcast 07 July 2013

Radio interview: what is honour?

EFD Policy Advisor, Ahmad Mansour is interviewed on the popular cultural show "Tandem" on Germany's national radio station SWR2 . He discusses his efforts to help Muslim youth to break with harmful traditional practices, especially towards women and girls. In the interview, he talks about his work with HEROES, his Berlin-based non-profit organisation to encourage Muslim youth to become part of Germany’s tolerant, multi-cultural society. This in...
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Broadcast 14 June 2013

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour interviewed on Germany’s ZDF

EFD's Ahmad Mansour is interviewed on German television on the topic of Muslim anti-Semitism....
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Broadcast 15 March 2013

Salafism as a danger to society

EFD Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour talks about the appeal and danger of Salafism On March 15,  the Forum Emanzipatorischer Islam, along with the support of the European Foundation for Democracy hosted an evening of discussion on Salafism. EFD Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour talks about the appeal and danger of the Islamic fundamentalist movement especially to young people. Click here to listen the Ö1 Radio report. ....
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Broadcast 13 October 2012

Iran: interreligious war to trigger serious consequences

EFD's Wahied Wahdat-Hagh speaks to the Voice of Russia about the consequences of an inter-religious war in Iran....
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Broadcast 11 October 2012

Sanctions on Iran: the real impact?

EFD's Wahied Wahdat-Hagh discusses the impact of international sanctions on Iran with Russian radio, the Voice of Russia....
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Broadcast 09 October 2012

Bakary Sambe, EFD Senior Fellow, speaks to the BBC on the crisis in Mali

Le 19 octobre, la Cédéao, l'Union africaine et l'ONU se donnent rendez-vous à Bamako pour une réunion consacrée à la crise que vit le Mali depuis le début de l'année. Un rencontre qui intervient après celle organisée la semaine dernière à Bamako par la Coalition pour le Mali pour dénoncer l'occupation et la partition de fait du pays. Bakary Sambe est spécialiste du militantisme islamique et des réseaux transnationaux, pour lui, l...
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Broadcast 07 October 2012

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour appears on West Deutscher Rundfunk

EFD Policy Advisor Ahmad Mansour appears live on the talkshow West Art on West Deutscher Rundfunk to discuss anti-Semitism within Muslim communities in Germany....
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Broadcast 04 April 2012

Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo is interviewed on Russian radio about the Muslim Brotherhood's influence after the Egyptian revolution....
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Broadcast 05 March 2012

Elections in Iran

EFD Fellow Wahied Wahdat-Hagh speaks on The Voice of Russia about Iranian general elections....
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Broadcast 22 December 2011

Arab Spring led to the Muslim Brotherhood rise to power

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo speaks on The Voice of Russia about the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt....
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Broadcast 11 December 2009

Irshad Manji interviewed on detention of U.S. Muslims by Pakistan

EFD's Senior Fellow Irshad Manji addressed Muslim stereotypes by making a distinction between moderate and reformist Muslims....
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