Broadcast 04 June 2014

Earning their respect: workshops for teachers

German radio station Deutschlandfunk features a report on EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour’s work with the Heroes project in Berlin to support teachers who face the challenges of cultural diversity in their classrooms....
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Broadcast 02 June 2014

The Heroes project: offering support in the culturally diverse classroom

German radio station SWR2 features a report on Ahmad Mansour's work with the Heroes project in Berlin to support teachers who face the challenges of cultural diversity in their classrooms. Ahmad also calls for new teaching methods which can accommodate this diversity....
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Article 01 June 2014

Political Islam and Islam in politics in Europe

In an article published by the European View journal, EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo analyses the evolution of Muslim political participation in Europe. Valentina explains that whilst Islamic parties in Europe remain unpopular, Muslims who represent non-Islamic parties are considered positively by Europeans who vote them for their inner qualities regardless of their religion....
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Broadcast 01 June 2014

Why are young Germans drawn to jihad?

Journalist Elizabeth Veh from Germany’s Bayerischer Runkfunk asks the question: why are young Germans drawn to jihad? She turns to EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour to find out more. During the discussion, Ahmad demonstrates how easily youths can arrive at extremist content online, and explains why this content, and the Salafist groups which promote it, can be appealing....
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Article 28 May 2014

Ukraine Elections Free, Fair

In an article published on The Washington Free Beacon, EFD Fellow Anna Borshchevskaya discusses Ukraine's presidential elections. While this election was praised by international onlookers for being fair, Russia is still concerned about initiating dialogue with newly elected Petro Poroshenko....
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Article 25 May 2014

The risky normalization of Egypt

In the run-up to 2014 presidential elections, EFD Fellow Valentina Colombo provides a clear picture of the current political situation in Egypt....
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Article 23 May 2014

Freedom of conscience: international campaign for Raif Badawi

Saudi tribunal’s decision to harshly punish the blogger Raif Badawi, who was found to have violated “Islamic precepts” through his writings, leads some Muslim intellectuals to call for freedom of conscience and religion....
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Article 18 May 2014

“I am a Christian, I have not apostatized”

The story of Sudanese Doctor Maryam Yahya Ibrahim, sentenced to death for apostasy, is a clear indication of the limited protection of citizens’ fundamental rights in some Muslim countries. EFD Fellow Valentina Colombo discusses the absurdity of the verdict....
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Mention 16 May 2014

Islamists returning to Germany from Syria are ‘ticking bombs’

Following heightened security concerns in Germany, EFD's Ahmad Mansour emphasises the importance of counter-radicalisation work, and states that the most effective time to carry out this work is during the school years....
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Article 16 May 2014

Let’s stop the massacres in Sudan

EFD Fellow Valentina Colombo discusses the death sentence given to Maryam Yahya Ibrahim, accused of apostasy. Valentina urges her audience to continue to support the battle for religious freedom....
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Article 16 May 2014

Qaradawi’s fatwa against Egyptian elections

In May 2014, Yusuf Qaradawi, one of the most prominent theologians for the Muslim Brotherhood, publicly denounced participation in the forthcoming Egyptian elections as “haram”. EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo discusses the extent to which such a fatwa could influence voting in Egypt....
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Article 08 May 2014

International campaign to save Raif Badawi

In an article published by Zenit, EFD Fellow Valentina Colombo discusses a Saudi court's sentencing of blogger Raif Badawi, who speaks out for religious freedom....
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Interview 07 May 2014

The phenomenon of Boko Haram

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo is interviewed on Italian web-based radio station about the Islamist group Boko Haram. Her analysis covers group's history; previous attacks it has carried out; its heightened fundamentalism following the Arab Spring; the increasing use of media as a communication vehicle; attempts to prevent the education of women and girls; and the necessity of Nigeria's government to act against this Islamist...
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Article 06 May 2014

Crucifixions: in Syria today, in Italy tomorrow

In the wake of recent events in Raqqa, Syria, where several crucifixions took place, EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo discusses the content of Sura 5:33. It is largely on the basis of this verse that crucifixion is still practised in many Islamic countries. At the same time, Islamic preachers in Europe continue to promote a strict interpretation of the Quran....
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Article 03 May 2014

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, wolves in sheep’s clothing

Since the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi, Egyptian tribunals have been deploying the death penalty and other harsh punishments against the Muslim Brotherhood. This has been met with criticism from the international community, which considers mass death sentences a significant obstacle to the achievement of democracy in Egypt. While EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo takes a stand against such convictions, she points out that the Muslim Brotherhood i...
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Article 01 May 2014

Russia-China Gas Deal: Implications for Western Sanctions against Russia

In a monthly Operational Environment Watch commentary, EFD Fellow Anna Borshchevskaya discusses a possible agreement between China and Russia that would provide for building a gas pipeline from Russia to China, ensuring the supply of Russian gas to China....
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Article 01 May 2014

Tatarstan and Japan Increase Cooperation

In a monthly Operational Environment Watch commentary, EFD Fellow Anna Borshchevskaya discusses bilateral cooperation between Russia's Republic of Tatarstan and Japan. Tatarstan's President stresses that this country could be economically beneficial to Japan....
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Article 30 April 2014

Milan and the mosque of discord

Giovanni Giacalone discusses tensions within Milan's Islamic community, surrounding the planned construction of a large mosque....
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Article 29 April 2014

The “Italian” Sheikh who incites the jihadists

According to a study by King’s College, Musa Cerantonio, an Italian-Australian man converted to Islam, is among the most influent online spiritual leaders. EFD’s Lorenzo Vidino discusses Cerantonio’s online preaching, which encourages hundreds of Europeans to join Syrian fighters against Bashar Al-Assad....
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Article 27 April 2014

Austria: Muslim Brotherhood’s new European headquarters

Over the last few months, the possible relocation of the Muslim Brotherhood's European headquarters from England to Austria has been largely discussed. EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo highlights the extent to which 1912 Austrian Law of Islam has influenced such change by providing a particular protection for Islamic organisations....
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Mention 21 April 2014

The “Holy War” enlists terrorists

An increasing number of Islamic Italian fighters are using Internet to spread the “Holy War”. EFD Senior Policy Advisor Lorenzo Vidino is interviewed by the Italian daily newspaper La Padania on the radicalisation dynamics in Italy....
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Broadcast 16 April 2014

For Boko Haram, an educated woman poses a threat

Valentina Colombo is interviewed on Italy's Radio Vaticana about the Islamic fundamentalist group Boko Haram, and ther possible motives for kidnapping female students in Nigeria....
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Mention 14 April 2014

Italians fighting for Islam: the network is growing

Italian daily La Stampa features a detailed report on Home-Grown Jihadism in Italy, a new publication from EFD's Lorzono Vidino....
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Article 14 April 2014

The terrorist branch of the Muslim Brotherhood

Valentino Colombo discusses militant groups within Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, in light of decisions from the British government and the US State Department to add Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis to their lists of terrorist organisations....
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Broadcast 13 April 2014

Democratic, free, pleasing to God: Is there such a thing as modern Islam?

EFD's Ahmad Mansour appears on German talkshow West ART Talk to debate whether Islam is compatible with modern German society....
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Mention 13 April 2014

Very well-connected and rappers: these are the Italian jihadists

Following the publication of Lorenzo Vidino's Homegrown Jihadism in Italy, Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera features a report on the profiles of young Italians who are drawn to radical groups, and their possible motives for joining Syria's civil war....
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Article 12 April 2014

Possible ties between radical Islam and anarchical ideology

Italian intelligence magazine, GNOSIS features a study from EFD's Valentina Colombo on the possible ties between radical Islam and anarchical ideology....
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Broadcast 11 April 2014

Renewed pro-Morsi protests in Egypt. The analyst: The Muslim Brotherhood has two sides

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo speaks on Radio Vaticana about rising tensions in Egypt and presents a profile of the Muslim Brotherhood....
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Article 11 April 2014

The die is cast: Russia’s intentions in Ukraine

In the below article, EFD’s Anna Borshchevskaya underlines the importance attached by Russia to Ukraine. The recent events, which took place in Crimea, do not only threaten Ukraine’s democracy but also “Western credibility on protecting freedom”....
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Article 10 April 2014

We need to talk about Mali

Mali is the best example of a country where governmental, judicial and educational shortcomings let Islamist groups establish themselves. EFD Senior Policy Director Magnus Norell discusses the UN intervention in Mali and the Islamists’ possible reaction to it....
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Mention 10 April 2014

We will never completely eliminate the danger

Following the return from Syria of one of Switzerland's foreign fighters, EFD's Lorenzo Vidino speaks to Swiss daily 20 Minuten about how these individuals can be reintegrated into society....
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Article 09 April 2014

Muslim Brotherhood out to conquer Europe

The article follows a statement of concern as to the Muslim Brotherhood's background and motives, issued by British Prime Minister David Cameron, and the subsequent response from the Muslim Brotherhood....
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Broadcast 09 April 2014

The fatal consequences of a poor upbringing

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour speaks to Germany's Deutschlandradio Kultur about how we can deal with violence in immigrant communities.The interview follows an open letter from German police woman,Tania Kambouri, who has spoken out against the aggression and lack of respect she frequently experiences from individuals in these communities....
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Mention 08 April 2014

Hezbollah fundraisers banned

In one of its articles on the German ban of a Hezbollah’s support group, the German news Tagesschau quoted EFD Senior Policy Advisor Alezander Ritzmann. In 2009, EFD had already expressed its concerns as regards the linkage between the Lebanese Islamic militant group and “Orphans Project Lebanon e.V.”...
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Mention 05 April 2014

German women becoming ‘holy warriors’ in the name of Jihad

EFD Programme Director Ahmad Mansour is interviewed in Germany's Deutsche Welle about the increasing number of German women who are being drawn to Syria's civil war in the name of Jihad....
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Article 03 April 2014

Migration board should have a bad conscience

In the below article, EFD Senior Policy Advisor Magnus Norell assesses and criticises the performance of the Swedish Migration Board (MV)....
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