Broadcast 11 December 2009

Irshad Manji interviewed on detention of U.S. Muslims by Pakistan

EFD's Senior Fellow Irshad Manji addressed Muslim stereotypes by making a distinction between moderate and reformist Muslims....
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Article 11 December 2009

Mahdism and the Iranian nuclear programme

During a visit to Isfahan, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad commented on his messianic ideas, his hostility toward the West and the Iranian nuclear program. Meanwhile, the massive oppression of civil society continues....
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Interview 29 November 2009

Middle East: 30% of bloggers are women

According to Eleana Gordon, EFD Senior Advisor and founder of the Center for Liberty in the Middle East, presenting its latest initiative, the Institute of Online Activism at the World e-Democracy Forum in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Paris), 30 % of bloggers in the Middle East are women....
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Interview 27 November 2009

“Christians are second-class citizens”

EFD Fellow Wahied Wahdat-Hagh is interviewed by ZENIT on the topic of Christians in Iran....
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Article 02 October 2009

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards expand control over economy

In response to a recently issued decree the Revolutionary Guards have founded their own bank. For years they have controlled the gas and oil trade, telecommunications, the stock markets, dam construction and hundreds of other projects....
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Article 04 September 2009

“Hypocrites” and forced confessions in Iran

Forced confessions are a particularly perfidious method of oppressing dissent. The power monopolists in Iran are now even calling those loyal to Ayatollah Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution "monafeqin" or "hypocrites". The regime's ideologists decide on who is a "true" Moslem and who is not....
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Article 28 August 2009

Iran: show trial “confession”

Saeed Hajjarian, a former intelligence officer, Islamic reformer and political strategist, has been taken before an Iranian court and forced to make a confession. He has been accused of being jointly responsible for an attempted "velvet revolution."...
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Article 07 August 2009

Iran’s politics of confrontation

Iranian politicians and media blame the United States for the mass protests of recent weeks. The Iranian media doesn't give much of a chance to dialog with Washington. All signs point toward confrontational politics....
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08 June 2009

Afghan women in a post-Taliban society: challenges ahead

5-6pm, Monday 8th June 2009 Committee Room 8, House of Commons Torn by decades of civil war and invasion, Afghan society is deeply rooted in traditional tribal and Islamic values. In 2001, the Taliban were driven out of Kabul after years of oppressive rule, but they continue to maintain a strong presence in the provinces. In 2004, President Hamid Karzai became the first democratically elected leader of Afghanistan. The elections were seen by man...
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05 December 2008

European Radicalisation Monitor: December 2008

EFD's European Radicalisation Monitor (ERM) provides an overview of ongoing terrorist and radicalisation activities, counter-terrorism measures and broad terrorism-related political debates throughout Europe. With the ERM we aim to provide an objective overview of how terrorist ideologies are spreading in Europe, and of the different forms they are taking. It is imperative that Europeans become aware of the threat of such movements to open societ...
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Press Release 24 November 2008

Germany bans Hezbollah’s Al- Manar TV

European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) Applauds Germany's Ban of Hezbollah's Al- Manar TV Ban order says Al-Manar supports, advocates and calls for the use of violence Brussels, 24 November 2008. The European Foundation for Democracy (EFD) applauds the German Federal Ministry of the Interior for issuing a German-wide ban of the operations of Al-Manar TV, the satellite channel of the Iranian-funded terrorist organization, Hezbollah. "...
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Mention 22 February 2008

Policy briefing: Empowering Muslim women? Opportunities and challenges

Irshad Manji, Senior Fellow of the European Foundation for Democracy was hosted by the European Policy Centre to discuss the "Empowerment of Muslim Women: Opportunities and Challenges." The status of women in Islam and the role of Muslim women in the world have emerged as key issues of global interest. Irshad Manji, a faithful Muslim, is the best-selling author of The Trouble With Islam Today: A Muslim's Call for Reform in Her Faith, a book wh...
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07 January 2008


In 2007, EFD fellows participated in over 20 events throughout Europe....
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Interview 31 August 2007

Middle East: Terrorism expert calls for ban on Hizballah in Europe

Alexander Ritzmann, senior fellow at the European Foundation for Democracy in Brussels, discusses the reasons to have Hizballah declared a terrorist organization in Europe. A specialist on the radicalization of Muslims in Germany and Europe, as well as on Hizballah and Hamas, he is a former member of the Berlin State Parliament and a senior member of the Free Democratic Party in Germany....
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Article 09 February 2007

Modern Israel is a far cry from old South Africa

In the past year, a stream of thinkers across the West - from Australian writer Antony Loewenstein to US academics John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt - has punctured the usual parameters of debate about Israel. I, for one, welcome any effort to prevent ideas from calcifying into ideologies. As a Muslim refusenik, that's what I do by defying the conventional prejudices of my fellow Muslims. Why would I resent refuseniks of a different kind?...
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Article 23 January 2007

Bush could do with new ideas

Tomorrow, President George W. Bush will deliver his State of the Union address. The speech is widely viewed as his last chance to get it right....
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Article 12 May 2006

Moslem declarations against terrorism

In the below article, EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo points out that, in order to adequately fight Islamic terrorism, the “real culprits” should be identified. The very same Islamic religious leaders condemning terrorist attacks are often those who also issue fatwas against the Western and liberal Muslims. Therefore, “it is necessary to identify and distinguish between the real condemnation of terrorism, coming from the liberal Mos...
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