Article 28 November 2011

Bahrain shall have no Khomeinist future

While Iran supports the Shiite movement in Bahrain in the name of human rights, the U.S. Navy is carrying out joint maneuvers with the Bahraini Marines....
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Article 25 November 2011

Iran and “Cyber Hezbollah” strategies

Last September, Jihadists who call themselves “Cyber Hezbollah” organised their second conference in Teheran. Islamist hackers and cyber-jihadists gathered there and decided to fight the U.S. and Europe. Hassan Abbasi, political strategist and adviser of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, was present, and delivered an ardent and virulent speech. Participants in the Cyber-Hezbollah Conference consisted of so-called "cyber-jihad activists”,...
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Article 10 November 2011

Cyber Hezbollah strategies

Last September, Jihadists who call themselves “Cyber Hezbollah” organised their second conference in Teheran. Islamist hackers and cyber-jihadists gathered there and decided to fight the U.S. and Europe. Hassan Abbasi, political strategist and adviser of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, was present, and delivered an ardent and virulent speech....
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Article 28 October 2011

Iran: not a model for the Arab world

Mostafa Tajzadeh was arrested following the presidential election of 22nd June 2009. Until then he was part of the Islamist establishment of Iran. Today he argues that the Arab world should not take the “Islamic Republic of Iran” as a role model....
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Article 19 October 2011

Iran’s Intifada Conference

On the 1st and 2nd October, the Iranian "Parliament" hosted the "Fifth International Conference for the support of the Intifada". The key-speaker of this event, Mr Ali Larijani, current chairman of the Iranian Parliament and former Secretary of the Supreme National Council, called the conference "the Islamic international"....
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Article 20 September 2011

Syria’s opportunistic use of Islam

Facing serious oppositions to his regime, Syria’s President Bashar Assad is playing his “trump card”. EFD’s Valentina Colombo draws attention to the opportunistic use of Islam made by Syrian regime to legitimise its brutality....
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Article 13 September 2011

Iran’s reactions to 9/11

It is not the first time that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has expressed doubts about the Islamist terrorist attacks that took place on 11th September. Claiming that the attack's true perpetrators were centres of power within US government structures and the "Zionists" is part of Iran's anti-Semitic and anti-Western state policy....
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Article 08 September 2011

Iran says missile defence ineffective

After the US and Turkey reached agreement on establishing a NATO missile defence system, a General from the Iranian air force, Larzad Ismaili, has commented claiming the missile defences not to be effective....
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Article 31 August 2011

The West’s time is over

Ahmadinejad's speeches clearly show that Islamist Anti-Semitism is part of Anti-Americanism and of hate against Western democracies in general. Indeed, the Iranian President has predicted the West's downfall....
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Article 30 August 2011

“Can you solve this?”

In Iran, many young people are denied the right to study, being they Muslim or Bahai. If they campaign for human rights and right to education, they are expelled from the university. The Bahai, as a matter of principle, are forbidden the right to study....
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Article 26 August 2011

Anti-Semitic state policy

Once again, Ahmadinejad denies Israel's right to exist and calls for its destruction. However, the Iranian Pseudo-Parliament (the Majlis) has called for people to take part in the Al-Quds demonstration....
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Article 25 August 2011

Iran against US dialogue

A 34-page report published in August 2011 by the Iranian pseudo-parliament the Majlis, analyses and criticises sanctions taken against Iran by the UN Security Council, the EU and USA. The report argues that the sanctions' main aim was to force Iran to the negotiating table with America....
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Article 19 August 2011

Iran rejects Universal Declaration

The Iranian Pseudo-Parliament's scientific division has rejected human rights and Western democracies. The Islamic understanding of human rights, they say, assumes that Islamic law, defined by God, defines human rights. For this reason, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 10th December 1948 has been rejected....
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Article 12 August 2011

Anti-Semitism in the Majlis

The German Bundestag maintains parliamentary relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran's Pseudo-Parliament (the Majlis). The Bundestag believes that "paths of communications amongst Parliamentarians could be important." For this reason it is surely important to be aware of the anti-Semitic stances taken by the scientific department of the Iranian Majlis....
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Article 09 August 2011

Iranian Antisemitism

The Iranian state news agency (IRNA) has once again denied the Holocaust, referring to the revisionist Roger Garaudy. In an article from August, 1st 2011, the IRNA employed the well-known anti-Semitic phrase, criticising the “activities of the global zionist propaganda media.” The hacking scandal affecting Rupert Murdoch’s Media franchise News Corporation has become topic of interest for Iran’s anti-Semitic propaganda....
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Article 29 July 2011

Iranian activist under threat

Navid Khan Jani is an Iranian human rights activist. Being Bahai, he is not allowed to study in Iran. After having claimed his right to academic education, he was arrested on 2nd March 2010. The detention lasted 65 days. Navid Khan Jani was released on a bail of around 65,300 euros. In February 2011, a new judgment against him was announced....
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Article 29 July 2011

The case of Nadia El-Fani

"Freedom is a battle," declared the Tunisian film maker Nadia El Fani in 2002. In the same interview she said that "Tunisians have a strong sense of humour and a love of freedom." Anyone familiar with Tunisia and its people can only confirm these statements. Unfortunately, the Jasmin revolution, positive in many ways, has brought Islamic extremism back home either through the Muslim Brotherhood or, in its most extreme form, the Salafist ideology....
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Article Iran’s choice: Turkey or Syria
Article 28 July 2011

Iran’s choice: Turkey or Syria

In recent years, the Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu has made no secret of his pro-Iranian stance. Now it is Ir...
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Article 20 July 2011

“Ikhwanophobia”: A neologism not to be underestimated

In recent years the term “Islamophobia” has been widely used- and misused. If there are certain thinkers and politicians in the West who can be defined as “Islamophobes” for their ideas and writings, it is not entirely fair that people criticising radical Islam deserve this moniker....
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Article 20 July 2011

Against the misuse of the term “Islamophobia”

On 30th August 2010, Time Magazine had “Is America Islamophobic? What the anti-mosque uproar tells us about how the US regards Muslims” as its cover story. I must admit if the cover with a stars and stripes crescent shocked me, I was really appalled when I read the article inside....
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Article 20 July 2011

Rivalries and consensus

In recent months there has been much speculation on presidential powers as well as on the way in which they are gradually being stripped away from Iranian president Ahmadinejad. In fact, there is an ongoing dispute between some members of the Khomeinist 'pseudo-parliament,' the Majless, and president Ahmadinejad. In the following article, the author explores the power struggles at the heart of the Iranian regime....
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Article 20 July 2011

The Muslim Brotherhood versus Liberals: a commentary

On 22nd June 2011, Time Magazine published an article which is worth analysing. The title – clean and telling – was “Why the Muslim Brotherhood Are Egypt’s Best Democrats”. The article’s thesis was the following: “Of all political groups to have emerged since the fall of Hosni Mubarak – including the myriad youth movements, secular parties, leftists and remnants of the old National Democratic Party – the Muslim Brotherhood seems...
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Article 29 June 2011

Iran criticises EU sanctions

Iran criticises EU sanctions, claiming that Iran has its own understanding of human rights. The human rights officer of the Iranian state even denies the persecution of the Bahai. It is claimed that Iran represents a role model for the Islamic world....
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Article 21 June 2011

Iran’s defence minister

Iran's defence minister, Ahmad Vahidi, visited Afghanistan to sign a series of joint security agreements. In fact he argued against the presence of the West in Afghanistan, claiming that Iran could guarantee Afghanistan’s security and freedom....
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Article 17 June 2011

Iranian-Afghan marriage

In 1979, following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, around 6 million Afghans fled to Iran. Most of these refugees worked as cheap labour in Iranian towns or in the countryside. Most of them, however, still today do not have any official status in Iranian society....
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Article 14 June 2011

Iran’s atomic ambitions

Iran's foreign minister accuses America of not desposing of its nuclear bombs. Iran's Revolutionary Guards warn of Iran's nuclear tests. It seems they want the Iranians and the world to get used to the Iranian nuclear bomb....
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14 June 2011

Vernissage: ‘Voices on the rise’

EFD and the Mission of Afghanistan to the EU co-hosted a vernissage of the celebrated photojournalism exhibition 'Voices on the Rise: Afghan women making the news' at the Brussels Press Club. The 50 photographs show a range of professional Afghan women including in politics, government, the media, civil society, the arts and sport. The exhibition remained at the Press Club from 14th June until 15th July. The exhibition is part of a European...
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Article 06 June 2011

Ahmadinejad’s slogan

On 5th and 6th June 2011 Iranian politicians have used the memorial day of Ayatollah Khomeini´s death as an opportunity to call for the end of Israel. For Ahmadinejad, calls for Israel's destruction constitute a "sacred slogan"....
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Article 31 May 2011

Iran’s economic problems

Ali Asghar Soltaniye, Iranian representative at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on 28th May 2011 that international sanctions would not disrupt the Iranian atomic programmes' activities. Furthermore, he defended the Iranian missile programme....
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Article 24 May 2011

Dissenters in Iran

A few weeks ago Fariba Kamalabadi, one of seven former leaders of Iran's Bahai community, used a telephone call to a relative to urge the leaders of the free world to take action. The conversation lasted just one minute: "Right now you should do everything in your power," he urged....
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Article 23 May 2011

The state of Iran’s prisons

Whilst Iran's politicians and representatives invoke the country's "moral" society and state policy both at home and abroad, Iran's prisons are in a deplorable state....
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Article 20 May 2011

Protest globalisation or ideological globalisation?

EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo analyses different points of view on the relationship between the Arab Spring, the Spanish Indignants’ protests and the 2011 Occupy Wall Street movement. Among others, both media and shared ideologies such as anti-Americanism represent the ground common to all these protests....
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Article 16 May 2011

The Arab Spring revolutions to revolutionize

Following the Jasmine and Lotus revolutions, the Arab world knew a general spread of optimism. The opening of the political arena and constitutional changes, respectively in Tunisia and Egypt, were positive signals of an effective result of the popular movements. Nevertheless, as EFD Senior Fellow Valentina Colombo shows, in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, critical problems still exist. Notably, the Muslim Brotherhood grasped the opportunities...
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Article 11 May 2011

Ceasefire or peace?

Kayhan acts as mouthpiece for Iranian Revolutionary Leader Ali Khamenei. On 10th May 2011 the newspaper published a piece criticising the recent agreement between Fatah and Hamas. Hussein Schariati, Kayhan's Editor-in-Chief criticises the 4th May agreement which was signed between Mahmud Abbas and Khaled Mashal....
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Article 10 May 2011

Hezbollah wages ‘Info-war’

Iranian news agency Farsnews has published a series on the "secret information war between Hezbollah and Israel." Farsnews glorifies the Lebanese Hezbollah's secret service which provides particularly important information for military attacks and war....
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Article 09 May 2011

Hezbollah systematically plans terrorist attacks

Lebanese Hezbollah plans its terror attacks systematically. Its organised secret service carries out preparatory work for terrorists. At the same time, Lebanese Hezbollah is championing a totalitarian ideology of Khomeinism....
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